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Managing Change and Rebuilding Your Career After A Setback

A guide to help you strategically plan and rebuild your career and finances, after a layoff or in the event of any.
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This course is for you if you are worried that your company may soon be downsizing and you could be affected. It is also perfect for people who have just been laid off from their place of work.
If you are thinking of what to do next or how your own career can evolve during this period and post-covid, this course provides helpful exercises to help you strategically plan your next moves.
This course provides emotional support and counselling for those experiencing change in their careers.
For those who are thinking of evolving, diversifying or going into business, the course helps you find clarity by guiding you through your own experiences in a way that it brings you to a place of decision.
If you plan on creating a safety net for yourself financially, mentally and emotionally as an employee or future business owner, the course helps you to "fireproof" yourself, with a level of security, in the event of any downsizing exercise by your company in the future
This course also may help you to find closure, if you desire to know why you were laid off, and also helps those who have not been laid off, to position themselves for a more favorable outcome during layoffs.
Covers money management and advice for the layoff period

Being laid off can come with some trauma, shock and confusion, emotionally, mentally, socially and financially. Especially in these times of uncertainty, how do you cope, what could happen next, how solid is your career and how secure is your current employment, also, this course helps you decide on how your career may evolve, plan your career to withstand uncertainties and is ideal for everyone irrespective of your years of experience.

It is also ideal for anyone giving care to a person who may have just lost their job and needs that boost to get back up and use this setback as an opportunity to do great things in their career

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