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Stress Management & Mental Health | Relaxation in a Nutshell

Effective Meditation Exercise for Deep Relaxation, Anxiety Management, Mindfulness & Stress Management and Happiness
✅ You will be able to relax deeply
✅ You will be able to stay focussed
✅ You will increase your well being and body perception
✅ You will contribute to reduce insomnia / better sleep
✅ You will calm your mind (reduced feelings of stress and anxiety)
✅ You will be experiencing a relaxed state of beeing (after continuous practice)

Hello! I welcome you to my new course “Stress Management & Mental Health | Relaxation in a Nutshell”!

  • Do you want to relax and calm down in an effective manner?-  In this course you will learn how to do so! 🙂

  • The method used in this course is he well-tried progressive
    muscle relaxation
    – a method that is easy to learn by anyone who is
    interested to relax.

  • Research suggests the positive effects of progressive muscle
    relaxation in terms of insomnia, depression, anxiety, high blood
    and more:

 “It was shown that they are as
effective as pharmacological therapy in the short-term and in the
long- run even superior to pharmacotherapy.” 

           – Therapeutische Umschau (2014), 71, pp. 687-694

“This systematic review supported the positive effects
of relaxation interventions on depression and anxiety among older

          – Aging Ment Health. 2015;19(12):1043-55.

Mind-body practices have encouraging results for patients with cardiac disease.”

         – Eur J Prev Cardiol. 2015 Nov;22(11):1385-98.

  • With the help of my experience teaching  this programm to more than 1000 clients the result is this version of  the progressive muscle relaxation with exercies for deep relaxation in a  nutshell.

  • This course includes instructions with calming background music, PDF-files summarizing scientific research and  free (!) MP3- files for individual usage.

  • You are very welcome to try it out! 🙂

If you have any questions: feel free to message me anytime! I am happy to answer you! 🙂

I am happy to see you in my course! 😉

Thank you!

Sincerly yours, Kevin

PS: Thank you very much Michelle Thompson to make that course possible!!

PSPS: Thanks to  Erokia/JordanPowell – Sound Design Freesoundorg/people/Erokia/ (Commons Attribution 3.0) 

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